Our Story

Three misfits in their own right serendipitously crossed paths – an empathetic cafe owner, a passionate bean counter and a rebellious young barista.


In spending time together, the trio came to learn that they had more in common than first thought – a deep love of coffee, rich life experience through trials and tribulations and a strong desire to make a meaningful difference in the world.


They looked for ways they could bring their strengths and purpose together and create an experience that would nurture souls, support the community and sustain our planet through an exciting and socially responsible coffee-focused business that blends profitability with purpose.


And that’s how Rebels n Misfits was born.


Discover the passion driving Rebels N Misfits

Vision, Mission, Purpose


To empower souls, build ethical communities, and sustain the world.


A for purpose, sustainable, and ethical franchise that fosters talented baristas into their own cafe.


Sustainable espresso coffee. Specialty grab-and-go food items.


We're Here For Our Misfits, Supporting Them With Every Step

Best In The IndustryOur Baristas

We foster and support the best baristas into their own successful and sustainable cafe.


This means they pour their heart and soul into every coffee.


Which creates a memorable experience that builds a loyal coffee community.

How To Get Involved

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