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Yep, coffee is my thing.

I learned my trade some years ago and since then have been perfecting the art of coffee. I am up on all the latest coffee trends, have been successful in some coffee competitions, have built up a social media following and put my heart and soul into very coffee. Yep, coffee is my thing.

Rebels N Misfits mentors society's misfits and helps them flourish


What It Means To Be A Rebels N Misfits Barista

It was these qualities that landed me a spot with Rebels n Misfits which was a real recognition for my achievements in the industry and provided me with an opportunity to forge a career in the business I love.


Now, I own a Rebels n Misfits café and while I am part of a group, it is very much my own. I have been trained in all aspects of running the café however have lots of admin support so I can focus more on customers and coffee. work reasonable hours with a fairer salary than what I was earning working as a barista.


Best of all, my work, career and business contribute to something much greater through the for-purpose business model. I love what I do, and that translates into coffee my customers love.


I’m very proud to be a Rebel n Misfit.


Benefits of BecomingA Barista With Us

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